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Organic Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts are an amazing, 100% natural cleaning product. Despite their name, they aren't actually nuts they're the fruit of a tree (Sapindus Mukorossi), found primarily in India, Indonesia, and Nepal. Their outer shell contains saponin, a natural substance known for its ability to cleanse and wash so they are GREAT for cleaning your laundry!

Soap Nuts have been used to clean all kinds of fabric for centuries, but they are just recently gaining popularity in the United States and Europe as a natural alternative to modern detergents.

They are 100%, natural and organically grown and are incredibly gentle on clothes and skin. They are especially great for those with sensitive skin, including babies and those that suffer from allergies, eczema, and psoriasis! They're totally biodegradable, so they're better for the environment than regular detergent, and they're antimicrobial, so they're even good for septic systems!

How do you use Soap Nuts? Put 3-5 shells (or the equivalent in broken shells) into a small muslin drawstring bag that comes with your order of soap nuts. If your clothes are not very dirty, or if your water is soft, you may want to experiment and use fewer like 2 to 3. Pull the bag closed and toss it in the washing machine with your laundry. You won't need detergents or softeners, but you might want to add a scoop of oxygen bleach if you prefer really bright whites. And just like with regular detergent, if you've got tough stains, you'll probably want to consider using a stain remover.

Your clean laundry won't have a scent when finished, but you can add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil directly on the cotton wash bag before you toss it in the wash (Lavender, Lemon or Sweet Orange work well).

Soap Nuts are natural so there are no added fragrances but we'd be less than honest if we didn't admit that they do have their own, noticeably pungent scent. Don't worry, though your laundry WON'T smell like soap nuts when it's done.

Wash on the hot or warm setting, and rinse in cool or cold. You can leave the wash bag in during the rinse cycle, because the saponin is only released by the hot temperatures of the wash cycle.

You can re-use the same soap nuts in your laundry up to FIVE times! Re-use them immediately, or set them aside to dry out and re-used later.

Are you a little skeptical? Here is the best way to test soap nuts. We recommend try the sample bag, to wash a load of towels or sheets. You'll notice that they're softer and fluffier • without softener or dryer sheets • than they are when you use your favorite detergent. (And if you were worried that the soapnuts will stain (they won't), you'll probably feel more comfortable testing them on your towels than your favorite blouse).

Soap Nuts are good for:

  Anyone with babies, children and people with sensitive skin and/or allergies. Soap nuts are 100% natural and hypoallergenic,
  HE (high-efficiency or front-loading) washing machine owners. HE washers require a low-sudsing cleaning product. Soap nuts are perfect for HE washers because the saponin released by the soap nuts naturally creates only mild suds.
  College students and others without a readily-available washing machine, tend to LOVE soap nuts because of their light weight, portability, and powerful cleaning abilities.
  Anyone with an interest in making "greener" choices.

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  Description Price Quantity
Soap Nuts Sampler: You will get a 1 oz bag and a muslin wash bag. Enough to wash 10 loads of laundry. Cost for for this product is $2.00 + $1.00 for shipping. $3.00

Soap Nuts Starter Kit: You will get a 5 oz bag and a muslin wash bag. Enough to wash nearly 50 to 60 loads of laundry. $7.50

Soap Nuts Family Package: Get a 10 oz bag and a muslin wash bags. Enough to wash nearly 100 to 120 loads of laundry. $13.00
Soap Nuts Deluxe Package: Receive a 16 oz bag and one muslin wash bags. This is enough to wash nearly 160 to 192 loads of laundry. $19.00
Muslin Wash Bag Muslin Wash Bag These are very high quality, double-draw soap nut wash bags. They are far superior to the wash bags that commonly come with soap nuts. Each bag is constructed of heavy muslin and stitched up both sides. They are easy for tying and untying like shoestrings. Rest assured they will hold up under even heavy washing conditions, and last for many, many loads. Bags are unprinted for minimal carbon footprint - no inks to come off in your wash! $1.00
Muslin Wash Bag Already have a soap nut wash bag and don't need for another. Select this option to deduct the cost of the Muslin Wash Bag. $-1.00