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Sugar Scrub vs Salt Scrub

A scrub is an exfoliation product that removes the dead skin, and leaves behind a younger and healthier looking skin for you to gloat about and for others to get jealous about. Everybody yearns for a younger looking skin and that is precisely the reason why the skincare industry is the fastest growing sector. There are two products that stand apart from the crowd, and fulfill the desires of each female or male: sugar and salt scrubs. Although they are quite similar as they both give the same result, they differ on other aspects that are listed below.

Comparison between Sugar and Salt Scrubs:

  Sugar Scrubs Dead Sea Salt Scrubs
1 In terms of texture, sugar scrub is softer and sticker as compared to its salt counterpart. The salt scrub is rougher than the sugar scrub. Much unlike sugar scrub, it is not sticky as well.
2 The sugar scrubs are gentler and are suited for sensitive skin types. Salt scrub has therapeutic benefits that helps remove the toxins and impurities from skin.
3 Sugar scrub dissolves readily in hot water that makes it less abrasive and harsh than the salt scrub. Salt scrub is abrasive towards the skin and helps smooth out hardened skin.
4 Sugar scrubs do not have any mineralization benefits of salt scrub and are used for facial exfoliation. Salt scrubs have mineralization properties that help in achieving a healthy skin.
5 The sugar scrub is best suited for first time scrub users users and people with sensitive skin. Salt scrub is best suited for people with dry rough skin and people with acne problems, as it helps absorbing excess of oil from the skin.
6 The sugar scrub is not suited to those with excessively rough skin, as it is gentle and will not help in removing the dead skin. Salt scrub may be a bit irritating (according to skin type) and therefore not to be used in sensitive, irritated or cut skin.

Benefits between Sugar and Salt Scrubs:

  Sugar Scrubs Dead Sea Salt Scrubs
1 Are a perfect way of getting rid of the dry, flaky skin that develops over the day. Use of sea salt scrubs result in exfoliation of dead skin cells, that form the upper layer of the skin.
2 Can be used for all skin types because they leave no side effects in their wake. Scrubbing helps in shedding off hard skin cells that impart a dull and dry look to the skin.
3 Work wonders in preventing skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis because they hydrate skin so effectively. Aging causes thickening of the dead skin layer. Salt scrubs exfoliate this layer and bring out layers of younger-looking skin.
4 It is much more smoother for the skin than the use of pumice stones and the like. They improve blood circulation in the skin. Increased blood flow regenerates skin cells and gives a natural glow to the skin.
5 Sugar scrubs for face are used not only for skin exfoliation, but also for cleansing and massaging it. The advantage of which is that they do not clog the pores and are easily absorbed into the skin. Using a sugar scrub on the face will leave it smooth and healthy and will prevent the onset of acne. Salt scrubs are known to have antiseptic properties. They are capable of killing skin infection-causing bacteria thereby, relieving pain, inflammation and itching associated with the infection.
6 They act as the all body polishing agents as well, leaving clean and smooth skin. This is because they are packed with the goodness of alpha hydroxy which is essential for a glowing skin. When applied on skin in circular motions, these scrubs remove toxins that have a deteriorating effect on the skin.
7 Repeated use of sugar scrubs will help one to have healthier, glowing, uniformly textured and colored skin. Scrubbing also opens clogged pores that later turn out as skin eruptions.
8 Sugar scrub benefits also include the fact that they can be used by children without any side effects. Sea salt scrubs can be used to prevent acne formation on acne-prone skin, and minimize the formation of acne in people suffering from it.
9 Can be used as a soothing agent after a rough shave. Exfoliation promotes growth of new, healthy cells. New cells that are generated, tighten the skin surface, thereby, reducing wrinkles.
10 They can circulate and stimulate the lymph nodes. Problems like skin discoloration and uneven skin tone are also benefited by use of salt scrubs. Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis are treated using these scrubs.
11 Everyday use will also help to formulate a protective layer for the skin and prevent areas like the knees, elbow, etc. from becoming dark. Minerals present in Dead Sea salts like bromine, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium are absorbed while scrubbing, which help in nourishing the skin.
12 It works on the toughest of skins while providing it with the richness that it deserves. Oils incorporated in the salt scrub, polish the skin by minimizing the abrasive effect of scrubbing.
13 Can be used on the lips as well. Sugar scrubs for lips works wonders because it helps in preventing chapped lips and skin. If one already has chapped, a single or probably two uses of sugar scrubs can soften the skin. Massaging with a scrub containing essential oils not only improves the quality of skin, but also provides relaxation. A professional spa therapist can make the overall experience very relaxing for the customer.
14 It helps to keep the skin constantly hydrated and radiant. Lastly, one of the most important benefits of salt scrubs is that they are 100% natural.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.